The art included in this web portfolio is a selection of my work from the last eight years. Despite the range of subjects, techniques, and materials presented here, all of my work is connected through a shared investigation of the boundaries between figural coherence and organic abstraction. I create vegetal, bodily, and elemental forms and environments that teem with life, potentiality, and metamorphosis. My biomorphic treatment of forms and space allows for conceptual explorations of growth and decay, and my imagery recalls the eruptive, disintegrating, and radiating powers of natural phenomena and forces.

    Similar to Dadaist and Surrealist experiments with chance, my initial marks are often semi-automatic. Catalysts for image discovery. In other cases, my work combines predetermination and spontaneity, and representational images serve as the framework from which semi-automatic forms materialize.

    My investigation of automatism has developed over the years, building upon concepts that I first explored at DePauw University and subsequently drawing from my graduate research on the relationship between Surrealist automatism and the natural world. I wrote my MA thesis on Max Ernst’s Histoire Naturelle, situating his Natural History within the context of Surrealist automatism and Darwinian evolutionary theory. Histoire Naturelle is an appropriation of natural themes, forms, and cycles; similar to Ernst, my engagement with natural forms and utilization of semi-automatic techniques explore the link between nature and the physical and mental generation of forms.

  • BIO

    I grew up in Columbus, Indiana and attended DePauw University, graduating in 2007 with a double major in painting and art history. After finishing college, I moved to the west coast to pursue my MA in art history at the University of Oregon. I completed the program in 2010, and, after spending a year in Portland, Oregon, I moved to Chicago to enroll in a prior-degree program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I received my BFA from SAIC in 2012.

    I spent three years living in Chicago, working as an arts editor for the Chicago arts publication Sixty Inches From Center, also working in the Art Institute of Chicago’s Ryerson and Burnham Libraries. I recently moved back to Portland, OR, where I am continuing my art practice and my editing work with SIFC. I am a diehard Colts fan, soccer player / enthusiast, ski bum, and Zelda nerd. I left a piece of my heart in Chicago, but I am really excited for the next chapter in my life out here in the great Pacific Northwest.